Rummy Variants

Here are the different types of rummy games.

Deals Rummy: In this, you play a fixed number of Deals. It varies from 2-player 1-deal to 6-player 3-deals games. You get a fixed amount of chips at the start of a game. If you win a deal, you get chips based on the score of other players. Based on the variation you are playing, if you have the maximum chips at the end of the game, you win.

Pool Rummy: Your goal is to not breach a certain score. There are different variants of Pool rummy - Pool 61, Pool 101, and Pool 201. Played between 2-6 players, the winner of this game is decided when all other players (except the winner) breach a limit of points (61, 101, 201).

Points Rummy: Points rummy is fast and fun. In this variation of rummy, the aim is to keep your score as low as possible and declare before your opponent. On RummyCulture, you can play Points games from ₹0.01 point value to ₹125 point value.

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